LIFE GREEN SEWER is a 36 months project of which main actions are:

A. Preparatory Actions

A1. Characterization of wastewater

Characterization of the primary effluents in the selected WWTPs was performed.

A2. Definition of System Requirements

Specific requirements for FO-RO, AnMBR and monitoring system were defined.

B. Implementation Actions

B1. Design of pilot plant

From the results obtained in the Preparatory Actions, and given the specific characteristics of the wastewaters to be treated by the pilot, the design and detailed engineering was completed.

B2. Design of the monitoring system and LIFE GREEN SEWER software development

The system of sensors and the associated software were designed, according to the results obtained in the Preparatory Actions and the pilot design developed in parallel in B1.

B3. Construction and integration of pilot

Construction and installation of the pilot system, according to the results obtained in B1 and B2 was finished.

B4. Validation of the pilot plant

The operation of the pilot plant with wastewater was carried out in Ferrol WWTP during a year. Validation of the pilot plant performance was completed in this first location. Samplings have been taken according to the sampling plan of deliverable D.A.2.1. The samples have been analysed following the Standard Methods by EMAFESA (physiochemical parameters) and by CETIM (emerging pollutants and pathogens). The deliverable D.B.4.1 Performance of Pilot at the first validation site: final assessment is in preparation. The FO-RO part complies with the objective of producing high quality regenerated water for agricultural reuse according to the Regulation (EU) 2020/741 and Spanish R.D. 1620/2007. In the AnMBR part, high treating efficiency was obtained, however, biogas production was not yet registered, probably due to the low biogas flowrate as a consequence of the low level of COD entrance from Ferrol. The pilot plant was installed in Almendralejo WWTP, the start-up of the validation at the second site is ongoing.  

B5. Replicability and transferability

To ensure the transferability and replicability, specific guidelines are being elaborated for different characteristics of influents, locations, climates and socio-economic environments.

B6. Study of the commercialisation of the streams

A market study is being carried out and a business plan is being developed towards the commercialisation of the side-streams obtained in the pilot system.

C. Monitoring of the impact of project actions

C1. Monitoring of specific indicators of project’s progress

Measurement of the environmental benefits in relation to the removal efficiency of the targeted pollutants and the wastewater resource recovery attained by the pilot is being carried out.

C2. Monitoring of the project’s impact on the environment

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is being used as the main tool to assess the environmental impact of the treatment and compare it with the current technologies.

C3. Socio-economic Impact

The assessment and monitoring of the socio-economic impact of the project on population and local economy is being carried out.

D. Public awareness and dissemination of results

D1. Dissemination Planning and Development of the Dissemination Pack

Three newsletters have been published in LIFE GREEN SEWER presenting the project, disseminating the first results obtained and following up on the subject.  

  • Newsletter August 2022: Presentation of consortium and first steps of the project.  
  • Newsletter February 2023: Objectives, first results and project follow-up. 
  • Newsletter June 2023: Business plan and commercialization. 

In addition, in order to obtain objective data on how LIFE GREEN SEWER could impact society, we created and sent a survey to professionals in the sector.  

CETIM, leader of the project, sent a press release for the World Water Day to spread the word about LIFE GREEN SEWER. Several Galician media echoed the research carried out in the project, for example La Voz de Galicia. 

D2. Networking with Other Projects, Project’s Seminars & Workshops & Other Activities for Project’s Outputs Diffusion

LIFE GREEN SEWER has participated in the following events: 

E. Project Management

E1. Project Management

This activity integrates all project management tasks that are allowing LIFE GREEN SEWER to be developed according to the planning established in the proposal, achieving the objectives of the project.

CETIM Technological Centre has the responsibility of full project management. The action ensures the correct project technical and economic progress, making possible the fulfilment of the contractual obligations of the Grant Agreement with the European Union and according to the project’s objectives and work plan.