S.A. de Obras y Servicios, COPASA


The company S.A. de Obras y Servicios, COPASA, is a Spanish construction and services company, founded in 1985 in Ourense (Galicia, Spain). COPASA has 1,500 employees and 376.6 M€ of turnover in 2016. At present, COPASA is a group of companies focused on construction activities, but developing also several complementary activities, especially urban services, utilities and material supplies. Since its foundation, COPASA has been working intensely on waterworks and environmental protection activities, apart from urban residues management. COPASA has had from the beginning of its activities a specialized department working in those types of works and projects, having a very qualified and experienced team. Actually, despite the economic crisis in Europe, the activities in the Environmental and Water Management sector allowed COPASA to maintain its turnover.

COPASA, together with companies of its same group like PESA MEDIOAMBIENTE S. A. and GESECO AGUAS, has demonstrated its interest on waterworks and environmental protection, carrying out several activities within the integral water cycle: design, construction and start-up of WWTPs, reclaimed water plants and DWPs, apart from the maintenance of water distribution networks. COPASA holds the certification of its Quality Management System (ISO9001), Environmental Management System (ISO14001) and R&D Management System (UNE166002).

COPASA has a strong market in Spain, but also, the company has a consolidated international market, focused on Eastern Europe, Latin America, North Africa and Middle East. Actually, 64% of the projects at the end of 2016 corresponded to projects outside Spain. Regarding R&D&I, the company has developed several Galician and Spanish water-related projects focused on advanced oxidation, nanotechnology, energy management in WWTPs, among others.