On 27th February, the final meeting of LIFE GREEN SEWER took place in Almendralejo, Extremadura. The project is coming to an end and all the partners involved in the research (CETIM, Socamex, Magtel, Emafesa and Universitat de Barcelona) met at the water treatment plant, located in this location, to evaluate the work carried out during these years and to establish conclusions of the results obtained.

At the Almendralejo WWTP, operated and managed by Socamex, the pilot plant developed in the project is still installed to validate the technologies developed. During the conference, organised by CETIM Technological Centre, we had the opportunity to visit the water treatment plant and the LIFE GREEN SEWER pilot.

The research began its first steps in 2019 with one main objective: to implement at pilot scale an innovative secondary wastewater treatment system combining the technology of Direct Osmosis – Reverse Osmosis (FO-RO) and the treatment of the concentrated effluent through an anaerobic bioreactor with ultrafiltration membranes (AnMBR). All of this, is monitored and controlled with advanced systems.

In this way, we have managed to obtain high quality reused water. An ambitious goal, but one that the project has not only achieved, but has managed to exceed the objectives initially set.