Magtel is a technology company that applies innovative solutions to the design, construction and maintenance of projects in much sectors: TIC, energy, environment, railway and civil engineer, and it has divisions in several international locations. One of the main areas of Magtel is CIVIL WORKS & BUILDING. It involves TIC, Energy and Water infrastructures, and has wide experience in HYDRAULIC & ENVIRONMENTAL INFRASTRUCTURES: PICK RAW WATER in reservoirs, rivers or springs; Treatment Plant Drinking Water Warehouse storage; AUTOMATION AND REMOTE CONTROL. SEWERS or sanitation, removal of the water used by users, wastewater and lead to the E.D.A.R; PARK domestic and industrial meters, measure user consumption; IRRIGATION. Moreover, related to the área of this proposal, carried out the installation of 24 water quality control points, at which real time monitoring of chlorine values in the supply networks of Seville and neighboring cities was executed. A network that supplies not only the Andalusian capital, also 11 other towns in the province, with a total surface area approaching 1,220 km2. It was applied a modern information system through which it is possible to capture, transmit in real time, process and present data that describe the water quality status of a specific point on the network, and send it to the managing body. Also conducted the survey of the entire potable water distribution network in Córdoba, as well as the subsequent digitalization of GIS software.