The main objectives of LIFE GREEN SEWER project are:

Development of a novel secondary treatment of municipal and municipal-like industrial wastewater, able to reduce about 70% energy consumption, 60% sludge production and >30% of the operating cost of the WWTP, recovering biogas, reusable water and a nutrient-rich stream.
Development of a global control system based on advanced sensors that allows monitoring the energetic consumes through the plant, optimizing the use of energy. In a second place, it will monitor and avoid water losses (<1%). Finally, it will permit the onsite control of discharges, minimizing the pollution by emergent pollutants (>70% removal of 90% compounds) and pathogens.
Demonstration of feasibility of LIFE GREEN SEWER treatment by designing, building and operating a pilot system treating 12 m3/d of primary effluent at two WWTPs: Ares (Galicia, Spain) and Abrunheira (Mafra, Portugal).
Transferability and replicability to treat other types of wastewaters, in different locations and socioeconomic environments, will be assured through the validation treating a municipal and an industrial efluent with different characteristics.
Providing European water industries with a novel sustainable secondary WWT, able to treat municipal and industrial effluents exploiting their main resources, in line with the circular economy concept.
Dissemination and transferability of results to the stakeholders involved as well as target audience.
Estimating the Project´s environmental, social and economic impact based on the mitigation of pollution, reduction of impacts associated to wastewater treatment and recovery of valuable products.