The main objective of LIFE GREEN SEWER is the pilot-scale implementation of a new secondary wastewater treatment.


Reduction of treatment costs by 30% which implies a reduction of a minimum of 0.25 €/m3, due to the reduction of the use of reagents and waste, associated energy consumption and future commercialization of recovered resources.

Decrease in incoming water losses. In less than 1% through the implementation of the Control and Monitoring System.

Reduction of microbial content and emerging contaminants in at least 70% of the effluents due to the use of membrane technologies.

Obtaining 3500 m3 /year of water for reuse. With water quality for irrigation from the pilot prototype, which will represent 80% of the treated wastewater.

Decrease of at least 60% of sludge production. Regarding the current treatment plants, contributing to the reduction of waste generation, as well as to the decrease in maintenance costs.

Production of biogas and reduction of energy consumption. In the wastewater treatment plants in 70% compared to the current treatments.

Obtaining approximately 800 m3 /year of a nutrient-rich stream associated with the operation of the pilot.

Improvement of air quality. By reducing atmospheric pollutants associated with the current wastewater treatment system.