SOCAMEX, is the brand specialized in water at URBASER Group. SOCAMEX covers the entire integrated water management cycle; providing safe, reliable, and sustainable water services to our society. SOCAMEX’ range of solutions includes works in the area of design, construction, management and operation of wastewater treatment plants and drinking water treatment plants, water and waste treatment installations, as well as technical assistance to companies, municipalities, and communities.

After a proven experience in the national market, SOCAMEX has begun its international expansion and currently manages services with a global impact to over eight million people. SOCAMEX is also committed with innovation: in line with the innovation policy of its parent entity URBASER, SOCAMEX focuses on the obtaining of solutions aimed at the achievement of the circular economy. SOCAMEX’ research activity is mainly linked to three axes:

  • The Water-Energy nexus: optimization of energy efficiency in processes intensively using water.
  • Improvement of water quality: improvement in effluent quality, control of microbiological pollution, characterization and elimination of emerging pollutants.
  • Obtaining of aw matter from WWTPs: recovery of substances embedded into waste waters, which are potentially reusable.

SOCAMEX has participated (or is currently participating) in other European projects, like SMART PLANT, Project Ô and Energy Water.