The Second Workshop of the LIFE GREEN SEWER project was held yesterday. On this occasion, it was organised by Socamex in Almendralejo (Badajoz), to learn about the technologies for wastewater treatment and regeneration, which have been developed and validated in the project.

In addition, the results obtained in the LIFE GREEN SEWER pilot project now installed at the Almendralejo water treatment plant, managed by Socamex, were explained. The possible replicability of the project was also assessed. Previously, the pilot of the project was located at the Ferrol WWTP, where its results and possible replicability had already been validated. Both locations were selected to analyse the project under different atmospheric conditions.

Attendance was limited to project partners and local people, while those who wished to participate in the meeting could also do so online. At the end of the event, the members representing the consortium were able to visit the LIFE GREEN SEWER pilot, located at the WWTP Almendralejo.