WORKSHOP: Use of membranes for resource recovery 

The University of Barcelona is organising a free online seminar on the use of membranes for resource recovery, in relation to the LIFE GREEN SEWER project, which will take place on Tuesday, 6 June 2023 at 10:00 am, through the TEAMS platform.  

LIFE GREEN SEWER develops a new secondary treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater or similar, which aims to reduce energy consumption by about 70%, 60% of sludge production and more than 30% of the operating cost of the WWTP.  The project also includes the recovery of biogas, reusable water and a nutrient-rich stream through a pre-concentration system based on direct and reverse osmosis membranes, the anaerobic digestion of this concentrate and the purification of the effluent through a system of membranes operated under anaerobic conditions. To this end, a consortium formed by 5 entities is collaborating in the project: CETIM Centro Tecnológico, Emafesa, Magtel, Socamex and the University of Barcelona.  

The event will also host other renowned speakers from the sector, who will describe installations and projects on the use of membranes for the recovery of resources. In order to attend, it will be necessary to register by filling in the following form: Registrants must provide a valid email address, as this is where they will receive instructions on how to access the online seminar.