Your opinion is important to us!


In the LIFE GREEN SEWER project we take into account the opinions of those professionals interested in the treatment and reuse of water or in the recovery of resources and energy from water treatments.

Therefore, we have launched a short survey which targets professional experts (process industries, agriculture…) and policy makers. The results from the survey will be used only for LIFE GREEN SEWER purposes. Experts opinions in the survey do not represent corporate opinions.

The collaboration of everyone is key to analyse the socio-economic impact of the LIFE GREEN SEWER project towards its implementation and replicability.

The survey has less than 10 questions that will only take you five minutes to answer. Thanks to your contribution we will be able to assess the impact that water reuse projects, such as LIFE GREEN SEWER, are making an impact on society.

LIFE GREEN SEWER develops and validates a new system for secondary treatment of wastewater, allowing, at the same time, the recovery of energy and resources and reducing the presence of pollutants, costs and energy consumption. The project involves a consortium formed by CETIM, Emafesa, Magtel, Socamex S.A. and the University of Barcelona.

Access the questionnaire here: