Life Green Sewer
Members of LIFE GREEN SEWER Project Consortium in A Coruña, Spain

The Project, which will be carried out by a Consortium of 5 partners, aims to implement a new secondary wastewater treatment or industrial water, through the innovative integration of direct-indirect osmosis technologies with anaerobic membrane bioreactor that allows the obtaining of biogas, nutrients and water for reuse, as well as the monitoring and reduction of pollutant discharges and energy consumption.

The kick off meeting of LIFE GREEN SEWER took place in A Coruña (Spain) on Wednesday 26th September 2018. The Project is cofunded by the European Commission under the LIFE PROGRAMME within the Priority Area Environment & Resource Efficiency, under the Grant Agreement N0. LIFE17 ENV/ES/000341 and it started on 1st September 2018 and lasts 36 months.

The main objective of LIFE GREEN SEWER will be the pilot scale implementation of a new secondary wastewater treatment that well be suitable for both, municipal and industrial effluents, made up by the innovative integration of direct-indirect osmosis technologies with anaerobic membrane bioreactor. This new system will allow the recovery of resources, in line with the Strategic Plan of Circular Economy of the European Commission, obtaining biogas, nutrients and water for reuse. In addition, monitoring and reduction of discharges of emerging pollutants and pathogens will also be carried out, as well as the reduction of energy consumption and water losses, and the decrease in operating costs of the secondary treatment of wastewater.

Likewise, for increasing the technologie’s replicability, the international project will be implemented on a pilot scale during a period of 11 months in two different locations (11 month for each place). First in Abrunheira (Portugal) where the performance of the technology will be validated with landfill waters, and in 2nd place in the WWTP of Muros(Galicia, Spain), in this case the technology will be tested for the treatment of urban wastewater.

CETIM Technological Centre is the leader of LIFE GREEN SEWER Project, that also accounts with another 4 partners: S. A. de Obras y Servicios (COPASA), Magtel Operaciones S.L.U. (MAGTEL), SOCAMEX S.A.U. (SOCAMEX) y Universitat de Barcelona (UB).

During this first meeting, all GREEN SEWER partners reviewed the actions that constitute the Project and planned next steps to be performed during next months.

LIFE GREEN SEWER is a project cofunded by the European Union under the LIFE Programme | Grant Agreement N0. LIFE17 ENV/ES/000341.